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Jackowo Dolne 11A
07-203 Somianka
pow. wyszkowski

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For tourists from Warsaw (those who are non-motorized and those who appreciate the journey by public transport), we offer access to the „House of the willows“ on a private bus line shuttling between Warszawa Zachodnia (Western Warsaw railway station) and Popowo Kościelne (through Legionowo). The owner of the house picks up their guests by car (it’s only 4 kilometers).

The private bus line has some additional stops: at Dworzec Gdański (Gdański railway station), on pl. Starzyńskiego (Starzyński square), on ul. Modlińska by the Grot-Rowecki Bridge (Most Grota-Roweckiego). On the way back it stops also at Dworzec Centralny (Central railway station).


Our bank account:
Bank PKO BP SA O/Wyszków 04 1020 3802 0000 1302 0063 1663


The House

The wonderful House of the Willows is situated on a vast plot of land just above the Bug river, near the confluence of the Narew , not far away from White Forest, in the middle of Kurpie. This century-old wooden log house, which overlooks the beautiful backwaters and the meanders of the Bug, small islands and meadows full of wild birds. You can just sit on the terrace at the table hewn from raw wood, look around and blend in with the surrounding world.

Just 50 kilometers from Warsaw you will find a great place to relax in peace. It is also an excellent base for an active holiday/ sport activities. This climate is at your fingertips ... Enjoy!