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Jackowo Dolne 11A
07-203 Somianka
pow. wyszkowski

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For tourists from Warsaw (those who are non-motorized and those who appreciate the journey by public transport), we offer access to the „House of the willows“ on a private bus line shuttling between Warszawa Zachodnia (Western Warsaw railway station) and Popowo Kościelne (through Legionowo). The owner of the house picks up their guests by car (it’s only 4 kilometers).

The private bus line has some additional stops: at Dworzec Gdański (Gdański railway station), on pl. Starzyńskiego (Starzyński square), on ul. Modlińska by the Grot-Rowecki Bridge (Most Grota-Roweckiego). On the way back it stops also at Dworzec Centralny (Central railway station).


Our bank account:
Bank PKO BP SA O/Wyszków 04 1020 3802 0000 1302 0063 1663



House of the Willows stands on a small hill above the old river bed of the Bug, in Jackowo Dolne, a village which is stretched along the wild river and its backwaters. Once you exceed the gate of our farm, you can see a vast panorama of the Valley of the Lower Bug.
And there is only a wicket left to the mysterious world of the river and its inhabitants. The Bug river landscape undergoes constant transformation. In the rhythm of consecutive seasons and changing weather conditions river again takes, flooding coastal meadows and islands (coming sometimes up to the fence of the plot), then it goes back in the summer, exposing sandbanks, perfect for lazy sunbathing and swimming. River branches, meanders, islands and peninsulas create a heavenly labyrinth for fish and waterfowl, as if created for exploring it with a kayak or boat, with a fishing rod or a camera. In winter the snow-covered meadows and mysterious paths are ideal for long walks along the river, hiking or cross-country skiing.

The Bug river valley is a refuge for many rare and protected plants and animals. You can meet here cranes, white and gray herons, cormorants, storks, swans and many other wild birds, as well as beavers and otters. The whole area belongs to - due to its natural and landscape values - European conservation program “Natura 2000”. It bears the name “Dolina Dolnego Bugu” (The Valley of the Lower Bug) and is the area of protection of bird habitats. Many naturalists call this area “Mała Biebrza” (The Small Biebrza river).

Jackowo Dolne is not only a river; within walking distance are the beautiful woods – Popowski (4 km) and Somiankowski (2 km). The second one is the westernmost part of the Puszcza Biała, the vast forests stretching far to the east. This is the heart of the region known as Kurpie Białe. The road to them goes by Barcice, the small village founded in the thirteenth century, in the center of which is one of the most valuable sacred monuments of Mazowsze (Mazovia region) - a wooden baroque church built in 1758. In the village you can still see several typical Kurpian wooden huts, situated on a high bank above the river. Exploration/ Discovering of Puszcza Biała is an excellent idea for a day-bicycle-tour.

Another attractive destination can be a small town, located in the north, Pultusk. You can reach by cycling along the Bug river and then along the bank of the Narew river. You will pass by the way the swampy birds’ park/ sanctuary called Stawinoga. The highlight of escapades can be an exploration of Pultusk. There is a charming and somewhat forgotten old market – the longest in Europe! - and the picturesque Bishops Castle. On the way back you can enjoy beautiful forests full of mushrooms, blueberries and blackberries.
And in the winter? After a walk or march-skiing cross-country on snow-covered meadows, you can hide in the comfort of a room with a good book, or go down to the living room, sit near the burning fireplace with a glass of wine in hand and dream, dream, dream...