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Jackowo Dolne 11A
07-203 Somianka
pow. wyszkowski

+48 29 596 02 81        
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For tourists from Warsaw (those who are non-motorized and those who appreciate the journey by public transport), we offer access to the „House of the willows“ on a private bus line shuttling between Warszawa Zachodnia (Western Warsaw railway station) and Popowo Kościelne (through Legionowo). The owner of the house picks up their guests by car (it’s only 4 kilometers).

The private bus line has some additional stops: at Dworzec Gdański (Gdański railway station), on pl. Starzyńskiego (Starzyński square), on ul. Modlińska by the Grot-Rowecki Bridge (Most Grota-Roweckiego). On the way back it stops also at Dworzec Centralny (Central railway station).


Our bank account:
Bank PKO BP SA O/Wyszków 04 1020 3802 0000 1302 0063 1663



House of the Willows is affiliated to the Poland’s first ecotourism network in Poland, „Between the Bug and Narew“. In 2010, we obtained Certificate of Polish Ecotourism given by the Social Ecological Institute in Warsaw. Although already in both farm, and at home we followed the principles of eco - if only because we live in the area of Natura 2000 - but the efforts to obtain the certificate covered a much wider range of environmentally friendly behavior and actions - today we meet them over 100 (the full list by clicking the symbol of the certificate and on the website: Here we will mention only the most important ones: 
  • To conserve energy we use solar panels that heat usable water, we heat the house with wood, we use energy-efficient light bulbs. Household appliances are in class A or A +. We try to remember to turn off the devices from position „stand by“. We do not iron sheets and towels.

  • We limit water consumption through efficient flushing toilets, bathing in the shower, mixing water taps, washing in the washing machine with low water consumption, use of the dishwasher. We change the towels once every 5 days (more on request).


  • We segregate waste (garbage) and encourage our guests to follow in our footsteps, not only in our house, but also in their own.

  • We do not use chemical cleaning and protection products in house and on the farm.

  • We care about nature, we respect the environment. We are engaged in education of nature, including the ornithological.

  • We feed our guests in the same way as ourselves - to prepare meals we use the majority of products produced conventionally and organically by ourselves and local manufacturers and Fair Trade.

  • We promote local culture and its rituals. We invite our guests to local events and annual celebrations.

  • In the House of the Willows we live in a slow style e.g.: close contact with nature and regional culture and the pleasures of simple, healthy food.

  • Aby oszczędzać energię korzystamy z paneli słonecznych, które ogrzewają wodę użytkową, ogrzewamy dom drewnem, używamy energooszczędnych żarówek. Sprzęt AGD ma klasę A, A+. Staramy się pamiętać o wyłączaniu urządzeń z pozycji stand by. Nie prasujemy pościeli i ręczników.
  • Ograniczamy zużycie wody poprzez oszczędne spłuczki w toaletach, kąpiele pod prysznicem, krany mieszające wodę, pranie w pralce o niskim zużyciu wody, używanie zmywarki. Zmieniamy ręczniki raz na 5 dni (na życzenie częściej).